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Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard

Outdoor LED Billboard is more and more popular , and widely used for outdoor advertising media . The price is more and more affordable , Many advertising Agencies and advertising media companies start to bring the LED technology to the OOH advertising Industry , and more and more static printing billboards have been replaced . 

The advantages of the LED Billboard :

1: It can displays graphics , videos , texts etc  , very dynamic  that can Maximize the advertising value , much more easier to get the people's attention on the adverts . 

2: One LED Billboard can display multiple adverts on it , more customers can invest their adverts on the same billboard , a good location can get more revenue by displaying more adverts .

3: For the LED Screen , it is very easy to change the adverts remotely ,wirelessly . 

4: It is long lifespan , one LED advertising Screen usually can be used for 8-10 Years . No need to printings , save a lot of money on materials .

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Stage & Events LED Screen Solutions

STAGE&EVENTS LED SCREEN SOLUTIONS   How to choose the right LED Screen solution for the Stage Events from  EXCEL , here we have some advices as follows :   1: Small Capacity  Events Business   If it is small stage events Indoor / Outdoor LED Screen business less than 30Square meters as above cases , then EXCEL R Series is available . R Series is a cost-effective type of rental led screen . The connection between modules with cables . R Series , available Pixel Pitch : 2.604 mm , 2.97mm , 3.91mm , 4.81mm     2: Big  Capacity  Events Business   If it is big Capacity stage events Indoor/Outdoor LED Screen business over 50Square meters set-up , then EXCEL Smart Series is available . Smart Series has very robust frame and big locks , it is strong for big screen set-up . While the connections between modules with  hub-board Pin connection . For the 500x500mm Panel , it has a integrated Signal and Power box , very easy for maintenance . Premium Smart Series , available Pixel Pitch : 2.604 mm , 2.97mm , 3.91mm , 4.81mm     For big capacity , we have another New Technology Guide Series as alternative . The feature of this Guide Series is , when 2-5 Power packs got  failure , the screen can still keep working , we call it " Never-Go-Black " LED Screen . Premium Guide Series , available Pixel Pitch : 2.604 mm , 2.97mm , 3.91mm , 4.81mm     What will come together  with the LED Screens   What else you need to get for the business ?   How to confirm the screen Dimensions ◆ If you are running small events business , you can get started with 12 Square meter which can setup one unit of 4x3meters (13x9.8ft ) Screen , also can set-up 2 units of 3x2meters (9.8x6.5ft ) LED Screens . Or get 24 Square meters , so it can set-up 2 units of 4x3meters (13x9.8ft ) LED Screens , especially for outdoor events . ◆ If you are running medium to big events , then at least to get started with 50-100 Square meters or more , so you can do creative designs for the stages .     What Resolution / Pixel pitch should be good ? ◆ If for Outdoor only , P4.81 is good enough . If you want to run both indoor and outdoor , and have enough budget , you can choose to have P3.91 ◆ If for Indoor only , P3.91 is good enough . If  have enough budget and have high end events like conference , then can choose to have P2.6 or P2.97 for high resolution .     What equipments can we connect and to display on the Screen Video Processor     What should we prepare as a buyer before the LED Screen coming ? ◆ The Lan cable (Network CAT6 cable) or Fiber Optical Cable from Video Processor to the LED Screen . If distance from media control room to screen less than 100 meters , then use Lan Cable . If distance over 100 meters , recommend to use Fiber Optical Cable for better signal transmission  .   ◆ The main power cables from Power distribution box to LED Video wall . ◆ Power distribution box  ◆ Installation Trusses

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House of Worship LED Screen Solution

Engage Your Congregation With Visually Impactful Worship Experiences Nowadays visual technology has become one of the most useful ways to engage congregations. As LED displays continue to become more affordable, many houses of worship around the World are integrating church LED Video Walls into their worship productions as a tool to communicate messages, news, worship etc. As churches continue to see growth, LED Screen has become the go-to solution to spread their message both internally and externally. Whether you’re in need of a church LED wall to display song lyrics and sermon points, or a roadside LED sign or LED Billboard to display announcements to those passing by, LED displays are an affordable, effective way for churches to communicate. The adaptable nature of LED display allows your church production team to easily rearrange and program your displays to freshen up the look of your stage. With LED displays, keeping the look and feel of your church’s stage design fresh has never been easier or more effective. The flexibility of LED displays in church allows you to arrange your visuals in a various ways.  You can position your displays side by side to create a large, seamless display or you can scatter your displays across the stage to add depth and dimension that could never be achieved with projection or other monitors. Additionally, LED Screen  is far brighter and requires about half the power of other display products, resulting in savings in your church’s utility expenses.   Our LED displays are customizable and offer almost endless configuration possibilities. Regardless of the size or shape of your design, your congregation will experience image clarity, brightness, contrast and color. You can easily incorporate LED video walls and graphics to create engaging backdrops for weekly sermons or series. The result is similar to a live concert experience and will help keep your congregation interested and actively participating. With the different themed options, you can also easily transition from traditional to contemporary services.   ENGAGEMENT Breaking through the noise to capture the attention of your congregation is one of the most important ways to create an impactful, unforgettable worship experience. Church LED walls can attract attention and increase interaction while serving to reinforce your message. They are also easy to see for members of your congregation anywhere in the church.   FLEXIBILITY EXCEL offers seamless large-format LED displays in a variety of resolutions, providing clear and detailed image displays. Keeping your sermon series fresh is key to keeping your congregation coming back. Our LED walls offer you the freedom to reconfigure as much as you want to fit your message. Whether you are looking to display video, song lyrics, or live IMAG video, LED video displays help project your message in an unforgettable way. EFFICIENCY Though LED Display is inherently brighte...

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H Series P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 LED Wall mounted Screen 500×500

Pixel Pitch: P2.604mm / P2.976 / P3.91mm / P4.81mm Module Size: 250mm×250mm Cabinet Size (W×H×T): 500mm×500mm×80mm Pixel Configuration: SMD Refresh Rate: 1920Hz / 3840Hz Product Material: Die-casting Aluminum Viewing Angle: 140/140 degrees Power Consumption (Avg./Max.): 240W / 710W IP Rate: Indoor IP40 Panel Weight: 4.2KG

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OK Series 3D Outdoor Advertising Screen

Pixel Pitch: P5.7mm / P6.66mm / P8mm / P10mm Module Size: 480x320mm Cabinet Size: 960mm×960mm×77mm(W×H×T) Pixel Configuration: SMD Refresh Rate: 3840Hz Product Material: Aluminum Viewing Angle: 110/110 degree Power Consumption (Avg./Max.): 650W/250W IP Rate: IP65 Panel Weight: 30KG EXCEL LED OK Series is Premium 3D Outdoor LED Screen for advertising , it can be installed on building with Right Angle or Right curve Angle . With 3D Video Source , it makes outstanding visual effect and very eye-catching for outdoor advertising .   The LED Module housing  is Die-casting Aluminum which make it very good heat disspation , it is the first choice for outdoor led advertising in Middle East Countries  .While it is high humidity proof , also the first choice for led billboard be installed nearby the Sea .  

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Smart Series P2.6 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81 LED Stage Rental Screen 500×1000

Pixel Pitch: P2.6mm / P2.976mm / P3.91mm / P4.81mm Module Size: 250mm×250mm Cabinet Size (W×H×T): 500mm×1000mm×88mm Pixel Configuration: SMD Refresh Rate: 1920Hz / 3840Hz Product Material: Die-casting Aluminum Viewing Angle: 140/140 degrees Power Consumption (Avg./Max.): 240W / 710W IP Rate: Indoor IP43 / Outdoor IP65 Panel Weight: 13KG

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P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10 960mm×960mm 3840Hz LED Sports Perimeter Screen

Pixel Pitch: P3.076mm / P4 / P5 / P6.667 / 8mm / P10mm Module Size: 320mm×160mm Cabinet Size: 960mm×960mm×120mm(W×H×T) Pixel Configuration: SMD Refresh Rate: 3840Hz Product Material: Magnesium Viewing Angle: 140/140 degree Power Consumption (Avg./Max.): 300W / 800W IP Rate: IP65 Panel Weight: 28KG

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P3.91 Rental LED display screen-Enova series

  Application:stage show/events/weeding/party/concert Type:P3.91 rental led screen Color:FULL color Panel Size:500*500*84MM Supplier Type:Original manufacturer, ODM, OEM Media Available:datasheet, EDA/CAD Models Model Size:250mm*250mm Pixel Pitch:3.91mm Specification:Video Wall Brightness:800/4500cd IP Rating:IP30/65 HS Code:HS CODE : 8528591090 Resolution:2K,4K,8K View Angle(H/V):160/160 Refresh Rate:3840hz    

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EOT Series Super Slim Indoor& Outdoor LED Mesh Screen

Pixel Pitch: P7.81-15.6mm / P15.6-15.6mm / P15.6-31.25mm / P31.25-31.25mm Cabinet Size: 1000mm×500mm Pixel Configuration: SMD / DIP available Refresh Rate: 1920Hz Brightness: Indoor 6000+ / Outdoor 8000+ Power Consumption (Avg./Max.): 300W / 800W Weight: 15KG

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