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EXCEL-LED has over 12 Years experience in Manufacturing of LED Display and Providing LED Display Solutions. To difference Applications l.e Stage rental, Conference, House of Worship, Outdoor LED Billboard, Stadium etc we have integrated Solutions. We welcome OEM & ODM
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Excel LED has over 12 years experience in providing LED Screen solutions worldwide . Many companies now offer LED screens, but few can match Excel’s pedigree.

In recent years, the LED screen market has expanded rapidly, with any number of opportunistic companies offering screens at sometimes unbelievable prices. Excel LED are not one of these. Our screens are not "off the shelf" products; they are carefully researched, designed and produced in-house to the highest industry standards with ISO specification, which gives us pride in ourselves and products.

At EXCEL LED, we ensure that the finest engineering is combined with the very latest and efficient manufacturing techniques, thereby maximizing value to our customers, This approach is borne out of Excel‘s long experience in the LED market; having installed our very first set of full colour LED screens over nine (9) years ago, we have been ceaselessly researching and working with LED technology ever since, making us one of the most experienced name in the industry. This knowledge translates into our product design, with a host of features incorporated to optimize picture quality, durability and reliability.

With full control of our production lines, our products are made to order with the flexibility to accommodate custom designs such as curved screens. Massive investment in R&D allows us to continually develop market leading innovative and advanced products to the very highest standard.

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How to calculate the power consumption of the display screen
How to calculate the power consumption of the display screen
Regarding the issue of display screen power consumption and cable cross-sectional area, this article specifically summarizes the knowledge in this area. We calculate the power consumption of electrical products based on their electrical power, which is how much "work" this appliance does per hour, and this work is obtained by multiplying current by voltage.   However, in practical use, power calculation generally divides loads into two types: resistive loads and inductive loads.   The calculation formula for resistive loads is P=UI, where power=voltage × current   The calculation formula for inductive loads: P=UIcosф, Namely, power=voltage × current × power factor   And our LED display screens are used through switching power supply voltage transformation, which belongs to inductive loads. The power factor cos of its switching power supply load ф= 0.75. Different inductive loads have different power factors. When we calculate the power supply of LED display screens uniformly, we can adjust the power factor cos ф Take 0.8.      1.How to calculate 1 square meters LED screen display outdoor P10 power consumption ?   A.If the driving voltage of the LED display screen is 5V and the driving current is less than 20mA, the maximum power calculation method of the screen body is as follows :   B.The specifications of outdoor LED display screens are: point spacing is 10mm, point density is 10000 points/square meter, each point (pixel) is composed of 3 LED lights: 1 red, 1 green, and 1 blue, with a scanning method of 1/4 scanning.   C.Calculation of display power per square meter: P=10000 (points) X 3 (pieces) X 5 (volts) X 0.02 (amperes) X 1/4 (scanning)=750 (watts)     2.100 square meters LED screen display outdoor P10 power consumption   Power consumption of the entire display screen: P=750 (watts) X100 (square meters)=75KW   3. Full LED screen display Equipment power consumption:   Due to the product loss caused by the mutual conversion of electrical energy, the power is generally increased by 10% based on the theoretical calculation value. The auxiliary equipment between screens (such as air conditioning, fans, lighting, power amplifiers, etc.) also generates a certain amount of power consumption. The power consumption of this screen auxiliary equipment is calculated based on the actual amount (we calculate the following formula based on 5KW temporarily).   P=75KW+7.5 KW+5KW=87.5KW   Therefore, if the total power of the display screen is 87500 watts, the maximum current is:   I=P/Ucos ф= 87500 (watts) ÷ 220 * 0.8 (cos ф)= 318 (A)   However, in general working conditions, the LED on the display screen cannot be lit up for a long time at the same time, so when the user's power capacity is small, a common coefficient formula can be used, which is generally 0.5. So, the above calculation sh...
  • 24 Jul.2023
    World's Largest LED Screen,MSG Sphere shinning at Las Vegas
    Amazing ! The World's Largest LED Screen,MSG Sphere shinning at Las Vegas       It’s beyond our imagination that in Les Vegas they spent  $2.3 billion dollars and build the World Largest LED Sphere .  The world's largest LED display screen is installed inside and outside the sphere .   The name of this great construction is  MSG Sphere, and its main building has been completed. On July 4, 2023, the LED display screen outside the sphere has been illuminated. With the amazing Naked-eye 3D LED Sphere visual performance ,  it is quickly attract people’s attention in the World through different social media platform .    The MSG LED Sphere building is 112 meters in Hight, with a maximum approximate Width of 157 meters. It will become the world's largest spherical building. It is not only visually appealing but also fully functional. The interior of the sphere is designed with great attention to detail, covering an area of 81,300 square meters. It has 17,600 seats, all of which are equipped with high-speed internet connectivity.  Additionally, there are 2,400 standing spots, allowing a total capacity of nearly 20,000 people. The design is centered around the concept of "immersive performances", making it suitable for hosting movies, music, and sports events, offering the audience an unprecedented audiovisual experience.   The venue will also have 164000 sets of speaker systems, and the sound system will transmit the sound field through the floor. 4D special effects including odor and wind will also be used to showcase virtual scenes. A 15000 square meter 16K resolution panoramic LED display screen will be installed inside the building, with LED pixels reaching 19000 times 13500 points, making it the largest and highest resolution LED screen in the world. A 54000 square meter spherical outdoor LED display screen will be installed outside the venue. This is also the world's largest LED spherical display screen. In conclusion , with the experienced development of LED Screen technology , more and more Countries’ Landmark Construction  applied the largest LED Screens . The LED Screens not only can play videos and graphics to catch citizens and visitors attention , but also available to be interactive on some occasions  . EXCEL LED has been in LED Screen manufacturing industry for over 12 years , we are so proud that the LED Screens can make a contribution to build the beauty of the Cities in the World .  FAQ : How much MSG Sphere Las Vegas cost ?   Re: To build this MSG Sphere , they spent over  $2.3 billion dollars . What date is MSG Sphere opening date ? Re: The MSG Sphere scheduled to open on 29th September ,2023 .  Where is the exact address of MSG Sphere ? Re: the address of MSG Sphere at 255 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States Who is the owner of MSG Sphere ? Re: The owner of MSG Sphere is Sphere Entertainment Co.Vici Pr...
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  • 20 Jun.2023
    Who is the Number One LED Screen supplier in Africa ?
    Who is the Number One LED Screen supplier in Africa ?     EXCEL LED is already a well-known LED Screen supplier and manufacturer in Africa for our 13 years effort in this territory . And we can boldly announce that EXCEL LED is the Number One LED Screen supplier in Africa with reason of that we have done over 500 LED Screen projects  includes Indoor LED Screen like Church LED Screen , Conference room LED screen  ;Outdoor LED Billboard for outdoor advertising ;Stadium LED Paremeter  ;Soft LED Modules Screen;LED Video Wall ; LED Posters etc in different African countries especially Nigeria , Senegal , South Africa ,Kenya ,Uganda , Rwanda , Tanzania , Republic  of Congo etc .  After meeting with customers and listen to their demands for service , we EXCEL LED learnt that no led screen suppliers from China would like to invest a showroom and office in Africa ,no-one   do stock in Africa for customers to do cash and carry .   Customers are believing  in“ Seeing is believing “ , in order to get a right LED Screen products , they have to spend money to travel to China to see the LED Screens themselves . Sometimes the money they spend can even buy a new set of LED Screen . This is not fair to our customers .    Meanwhile , most of the customers don’t have  the experience of importation . So they have to waste time to search around shipping agent to carry the LED Screen for them to their Country . And they have to take the risk of import if something happen during the shipment .    Another concerns from the customers is that , once they bought the led screens , no-one  can help them to do led screen installation , no-one can help them to do led screen configuration , so all of these they have to get the remote service from China via email , WhatsApp  call . And Sometimes the led screen suppliers they don’t  even have an English speaking Technician  which is a nightmare to the customers . When it comes the after-sales service of the spare parts , they have to send the parts back to China to do repairing , sometimes they don’t even be available to get LED spare parts like LED Module , LED Receiving card,LED signal cables ,LED Power cable, LED Power pack(Power supply Unit),LED Video Processor ,LED Sending card ,Powercorn , LED hub board ,Repairing led lamps ,led mask , cabinet locks , led cabinet frame etc . To sort out all of these concerns , EXCEL LED established offices in South Africa, Nigeria,Rwanda,Kenya .  And we have LED Screen technicians to do service in Nigeria ,Cameron ,Ghana ,Senegal ,Kenya ,Uganda ,Tanzania ,Republic of Congo ,South Africa ,Mozambique,Botswana ,Algeria etc . All our LED Screen use Novastar system , EXCEL  LED technicians can do Software NovaLct ,Viplexhandy ,Viplex Express training,hardware video processor operation training  . We can also train our customers how to do LED Screen structure ...
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  • 17 Jun.2023
    EXCEL LED H Series Church LED display Screen Installed For Englican church of Rwanda
    Excel LED is one of the most professional church LED screen suppliers in China. Currently, we have done more than 300 church LED video wall projects in the world. In this week, we have finished our first church LED screen project in Rwanda. This project is done by our partner in Kagali, Rwanda. He is good at providing the services for the LCD posters screens, indoor and outdoor LED display screen installation and configurations. Our client Englican church is very happy and satisfied about our LED screen working performance and our services.   Our H series is born for indoor permanent installation. Our biggest concern is how to help customers to save money, not only on the led product cost, but also on the transportation and installation. Our H series is made of Aluminum materials, it is very light weight and only 4.2KGS. With this weight, customers can save a lot of money on A ir-shipping. While, the cabinet body is very slim only 8cm, we pack 2 cabinets in one carton, with our package, it will take less volume, so it can save cost on Sea Shipping as well. It is with the magnet design, we have 4 big strong magnets in the corners, with those magnets, the cabinet can directly attach to the structure from the front. It does not need any screws and connectors.   All the power cables and signal cables are plug and play, it makes the installation quite convenient.   For CHURCH LED SCREEN project, EXCEL LED is your best choice.
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