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EXCEL-LED has over 12 Years experience in Manufacturing of LED Display and Providing LED Display Solutions. To difference Applications l.e Stage rental, Conference, House of Worship, Outdoor LED Billboard, Stadium etc we have integrated Solutions. We welcome OEM & ODM
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Excel LED has over 12 years experience in providing LED Screen solutions worldwide . Many companies now offer LED screens, but few can match Excel’s pedigree.

In recent years, the LED screen market has expanded rapidly, with any number of opportunistic companies offering screens at sometimes unbelievable prices. Excel LED are not one of these. Our screens are not "off the shelf" products; they are carefully researched, designed and produced in-house to the highest industry standards with ISO specification, which gives us pride in ourselves and products.

At EXCEL LED, we ensure that the finest engineering is combined with the very latest and efficient manufacturing techniques, thereby maximizing value to our customers, This approach is borne out of Excel‘s long experience in the LED market; having installed our very first set of full colour LED screens over nine (9) years ago, we have been ceaselessly researching and working with LED technology ever since, making us one of the most experienced name in the industry. This knowledge translates into our product design, with a host of features incorporated to optimize picture quality, durability and reliability.

With full control of our production lines, our products are made to order with the flexibility to accommodate custom designs such as curved screens. Massive investment in R&D allows us to continually develop market leading innovative and advanced products to the very highest standard.

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EXCEL LED Outdoor P4 LED screen for Army War College Nigeria.
EXCEL LED Outdoor P4 LED screen for Army War College Nigeria.
EXCEL LED, a leading provider of high-quality LED screens, recently installed a 3x2 meters outdoor LED screen for the Army War College in Nigeria. The installation is part of the Army War College's effort to modernize its facilities and improve communication with its students and staff.The 3x2 meters outdoor LED screen features a high resolution, providing clear and vivid images even in bright daylight conditions. It is also durable and weather-resistant, capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, and dust. This makes it the ideal choice for outdoor applications such as the Army War College. EXCEL LED's team of experienced technicians worked closely with the Army War College to ensure a seamless installation. The team carried out a thorough site survey to determine the ideal location for the LED screen and considered factors such as brightness, visibility, and accessibility. They also designed a custom mounting solution that would allow the LED screen to be securely installed on pillar The installation of the LED screen has been well-received by the Army War College community, who are excited to have a modern and effective way of communicating important information to students and staff. The screen is being used to display critical updates, news, and upcoming events, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date on the latest happenings at the college. In addition to the installation, EXCEL LED also provided comprehensive training to the Army War College staff on how to use and maintain the LED screen. This ensures that the LED screen remains in optimal condition for years to come, providing a valuable resource for the Army War College community. In conclusion, the installation of the 3x2 meters outdoor LED screen by EXCEL LED has been instrumental in modernizing the Army War College's facilities and improving communication. The high-quality LED screen provides clear, vivid images, is durable and weather-resistant, and comes with comprehensive training and maintenance support. It is a valuable addition to the college's infrastructure and will serve the community well for years to come. If you want to get LED screen Price in Nigeria,please feel free to contact us or visit EXCEL LED Lagos office at 17 community road off Allen avenue ikeja Lagos. EXCEL LED has many LED screen stocks in Nigeria and many LED screen demos. 
  • 06May.2021
    EXCEL LED to Present at GET SHOW in Guangzhou on 8-11th May
    As the most influential exhibition in led screen industry, 2021 Guangzhou (International) Entertainment Technology Show (short for GETshow) is back again. EXCEL LED is presenting at GETshow from 8th to 11th May in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.     In GET SHOW, EXCEL LED creates 3D effect with its two superior products: Smart Series LED Rental Screen (Smart-series) and Interactive LED Dance Floor Screen (DF-series).   As EXCEL LED’s hot-sale product, Smart-series led rental screen makes EXCEL LED standing out among other screen manufacturers and occupies a certain percentage in screen market. With new technology and user-friendly design, Smart-series creates an easier and more convenience for media companies, events planners, stage shows, etc. What’s more, DF-series is the first show in this exhibition. Interactive led dance floor is new but welcomed by the market, EXCEL LED seizes the opportunity and bring its own interactive led dance floor. With special sensor system design, the interactive led dance floor can “feel” your steps and react immediately in different situations. Can’t wait to see the effect? Want to know more about EXCEL LED? Come and enjoy the wonderful visual show in 1A-7A with us together.   More about EXCEL LED:   With more than 11 years’ experience in led screen industry, EXCEL LED has several overseas branches already. EXECL LED’s products not only include led rental screen, led fixed screen, led outdoor billboard screen, led transparent screen, led poster screen, led dance floor, but also led lamp-post screen, stadium LED perimeter, led logo screen, and other customized led screens.         For more information, please visit:www.excel-led.com www.excelledscreen.com
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  • 15Dec.2019
    Media and advertising are one of the fastest growing industries, and outdoor  led advertising business has also responded quickly in the market. P4mm to P10mm outdoor led billboard screen are widely used in the past few years.   To do some changes in the advertising industry, a famous local media company in South Africa chooses EXCEL LED’s most energy saving P10mm outdoor led billboard screen in a project, which is the first EXCEL LED energy saving led advertising display in South Africa. This project already finished now and it has come into service.     P10 PRO energy saving led billboard screen: 7.68m×2.88m, about 22.12 square meter.       Installation of P10 PRO led billboard screen   Electricity cost is a big headache for most advertising agents. But how B10 PRO can achieve energy saving ? Technician Paul offers the best answer:   “ The B10 PRO led outdoor billboard screen is independently designed and developed by our company according to market demand and trends. We use DIP technology and 4 layer PCB Board ( EU and USA Standard) in this outdoor billboard screen. In addition, we choose an energy saving power supply unit. Most common outdoor led billboard screen uses 4.6v to 5v power supply unit, while P10 PRO led billboard screen chooses 4.2v, which can not only stabilize the power supply and make the display work normally, but also save electricity ,reducing the carbon emission in a friendly way.”   “We also do some changes on the design to reduce the cost in other ways.”Paul said “In P10 PRO led billboard screen,we use ultra narrow one-side door to save maintenance space. And the whole cabinet is only 9.5cm and 35kg, 40% thinner and 30% lighter, saving 40% of the cost in shipping, installation and steel structure.”   EXCEL LED specialized in led screen industry for over more than 10 years and provided worldwide solutions in led rental screen,  led indoor fixed screen, led outdoor screen, led billboard screen, led advertising screen and some other areas.    Will you choose P10 PRO led billboard screen outdoor energy saving screen in your advertising screen?
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  • 10 May.2022
    LED display screen makes advertising more exciting in Abuja
    In the street of Abuja, you can see a high-rise LED display billboard in the distance, which is effectively rotating advertisements of major brands. The project was undertaken by excel LED, responsible for the design and construction of the steel frame structure of the project and the overall construction of the LED display system.     According to customer feedback, the project has attracted much attention since the date of construction, and many advertisers have come to discuss cooperation with the market prospects. As soon as the project acceptance is completed, long-term cooperation has been reached with major advertisers.     This kind of advertising display screen, even after the test of wind, rain, lightning and thunder, good UV resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance can make its quality consistent. Light weight, simple and convenient installation, effectively reducing expenditure costs.   Outdoor advertising LED display screen Product Features   1, Standard Modules: P2.5 to P10 outdoor modules available; Universal module size: 320mm×160mm   2, Fast lock: Easy to installation; More accurate   3, Magnesium alloy Cabinet, Thinner and lighter: 28 kg/m² lighter and 20% thinner than iron cabinet, saving transportation space, reducing delivery weight and bearing requirements of building and steel structures.   4, Higher Precision: CNC process, contour tolerance ±0.1mm, planeness tolerance<0.5mm. integral mould,  indeformable.     5, High Waterproof Level: encapsulated modules; IP65 for rear and back side
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