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Excel LED has over 12 years experience in providing LED Screen solutions worldwide . Many companies now offer LED screens, but few can match Excel’s pedigree.


| 2010

Started as General Contractor of LED Screen, Stage lights and Sound equipment.



| 2014

Start-up XuZhou Liping Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd focus on providing LED Screens to China Domestic market , especially in Jiangsu , Shanghai and Hunan . At the same time  into LED Screen Rental business 



| 2016

With hundreds of LED screen projects experience in past few years and the good environment of  Global trading , EXCEL LED was established under an ambitious Team in 2016 .



| 2018

2018 first oversea branch was established in Nigeria



| 2019

2019 oversea service offices established in South Africa and Kenya , USA



| 2020

Over 390 Projects World-wide